Jobs in Akyab

Jobs in Akyab | Job opportunities in Akyab

Akyab is the official capital city and community of Rakhine State in Myanmar and it is situated on the Kaladan, Mayu and Lay Mro rivers that got ended in the Bay of Bengal. There are almost 228,000 people recorded in the city of Akyab as per national population census conducted during 2010. While discussing about the information sources, educational trends and empowering channels of the society in Akyab, it is easy to understand that Akyab is highly inspired and reliant of industrial up rise and state efforts to launch new developmental tasks, projects and trading relations with the major investors of the other areas of world. Education sector of the city is reliant of numerous quality oriented and highly reputed schools and colleges of Akyab like Computer University, Sittwe, Government Technical Institute, Thandwe, Kyaukphyu Education College and Sittwe University.

Financially Akyab is linked with various trade activities and production units like light houses of Akyab, energy generating channels, construction industry and import and export services of the society. Due to rapid and highly increasing rate of the businesses and population as well there are many new jobs and vacancies offered for the qualified people of different technologies and trades in the country of Mynamer. Present buying capacity and per capita income of the general public is on good stage and provides an affective impact over the population of Akyab.

While discussing about the recreational places and fun time destinations of Akyab, it is concluded that there are many shopping malls, art theaters, night clubs and disco spots that remain crowded during evenings and on holidays in Akyab and provide different recreational services to the affective participants of the same. Rakhine Cultural Museum and Rakhine cultural sites are frequently visited in the city.

Jobs in Akyab

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