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Jobs in Acquaviva | Job Opportunities in Acquaviva

Acquaviva is a city in San Marino district of San Marino having several communes and sub districts. It is considered as the 9th commune of the San Marino that has population of almost 8000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008. As per national census conducted during 2010, it is declared that the city of Acquaviva occupies a total land area of 12kmĀ². Acquaviva borders the San Marino municipalities of Borgo Maggiore and San Marino. Geographic condition of the city is reliant of Water resources around the city. There is plenty of water in the region that is reserved by rainfalls and of rivers to consume in agricultural lands as well as to produce hydro electrical energy. Economic structure of the city is reasonably good. Major earning sectors of the Acquaviva city are industrial growth and tourism of its natural resorts.

Quite a few amusement parks and natural resorts are observed in Acquaviva that remain crowded during vacations. Majority of the youngsters is observed during weekends in these points of Acquaviva. San Marino has very strong international relations with the developed countries of the world. IMF and World Bank are two major institutes that support the city in reformation of its industrial sector. Education level of the city is not reasonably good but producing satisfactory results.

Banking sector and financial institutes of the Acquaviva are major employers of the city to engage numerous graduates of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and management sciences with excellent career growth and enticing service benefits. Acquaviva has very relaxed working environment therefore employees does not resign from their job until & unless extreme situation arises.

Jobs in Acquaviva

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Acquaviva

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Acquaviva

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Acquaviva

Management & Administration Jobs in Acquaviva


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