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  • Jobs in Wroclaw

    Jobs in Wroclaw | Job Opportunities in Wroclaw

    Wroclaw is the largest city in south western Poland situated beside the River Odra and remained former capital of Silesia & its native Voivodeships. Poland remained under administration of several nations including Bohemia, Austria, Prussia and Germany. Official population census conducted during 2009 declares that there are more than 1,032,798 inhabitants in the town. Wroclaw city is 111 m high above the sea level and contains moisture and humidity in the environment. Nights of the city become cool whereas day time remains reasonably good. City is administered by numerous governorates and its monarchy. Wroclaw is third biggest educational center of Poland with more than 235,000 students in 35 different colleges & schools with almost 7500 employees. Its economic structure is reasonably good and mainly reliant of it industrial growth, textile sector, automobiles and tourism.

    Jobs in Cracow

    Jobs in Cracow | Job Opportunities in Cracow

    Cracow is the second major & oldest city of Poland. It is located on the Vistula River in slighter Poland province dating back since 7th century. Cracow is known for the excellent leading centers of Polish academic, cultural and artistic existence as well as most economic center of internal trades. During 09th century, Cracow first time appeared on the world map by a small Stone Aged settlement of Poland. Initially it was known as a small hill town used for tourists point. Later on the city was expanded in its surroundings forming a present major city having latest technical advancements in its culture and sections. In 1977 UNESCO placed the city in its list of World Heritage Sites and maintained its statutory position for upcoming generations and tourists.

    Jobs in Lodz

    Jobs in Lodz | Job Opportunities in Lodz

    Lodz is the third major city of Poland situated in the central region of the country having almost 794,941 inhabitants as per census conducted during 2009. Lodz is the capital of its Voivodeship and just 136 kilometers away from Warsaw city. Written record of the history showed Lodz city first time in 1330 with the status of a small village of the bishops of Wtoctlawek. During the ruling period of King Wtadystaw, the small village of Lodz attained the city rights in 1423. With the passage of the time Lodz attained several miles stones and attained the status of a major trading zone of this age. Agriculture is the major earning sector of the city having several grain farms and wine yards cultivating ripe grapes. Huge influx of German inhabitants laid a foundation for modern industry in18th century.

    Jobs in Umm Salal Muhammad

    Jobs in Umm Salal Muhammad | Job Opportunities in Umm Salal Muhammad

    The Umm Salal Mohammed is a second a biggest city of Qatar situated 25km away from Doha. An estimated population of Umm Salal Muhammad is 210,512 inhabitants as per census conducted during 2007. The city is enriched with abundant spectacular cultural heritage and superb architecture, old forts and beautiful mosques. Predominant religion of the city is Islam containing several sects and casts. Qatar is a bowl of salad having mixed denominations of South, Southeast Asian and Arab countries functioning temporary and permanent in employment. Christians, Hindus and Buddhists are considered as the biggest minority groups of Umm Salal Muhammad. During ancient times, no foreign missionaries were allowed to preach in the country but after 2008, government has sanctioned several Christian groups to roam & preach openly in public masses and crusades.

    Jobs in Ar Rayyan

    Jobs in Ar Rayyan | Job Opportunities in Ar Rayyan

    Al-Rayyan is a municipal state of Qatar bordering with several municipalities comprising upon Umm Salal, Doha, Al Wakrah, Jariyan al Batnah and Al Jumaliyah. Qatar is an Arab country of Middle East emirates occupying much larger Arabian Peninsula. A passage of the Persian Gulf separates Qatar from the nearby island of Bahrain. Ar Rayyan is oil and gas enriched nation and considered as the third largest gas reservoir of the world. An absolute dominion of Qatar remained administered by the Al-Thani family. Ar Rayyan has strong foreign trade policy and carriage of petroleum has strengthened the economic structure of the town. The city is considered as the richest city of the country. Kuwait is second biggest producer of the crude oil and natural gas of the region.

    Jobs in Prizren

    Jobs in Prizren | Job Opportunities in Prizren

    Prizren is a historical Serbian city situated in southern Kosovo districts ruling on administrative regions of the state. Prizren is located 400 m above from the sea level having an estimated population of 200,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2010. Majority of the inhabitants is Albanians. Prizren city contains more than 76 villages and several small municipality districts. Throughout the First Balkan War, City was detained by the Serbian army and was merged into the Kingdom of Serbia. Balkan war slackened the overall economic structure of the city and destroyed numerous houses, commercial centers and burnt almost 1,500 corpses of Albanians. The metropolis of Prizren is still most culturally and ethnically assorted in Kosovo comprising upon Bosniaks, Turks and Roma. Presently Albanian, Serbian and Turkish languages are officially spoken in the entire Prizren.

    Jobs in Novi Sad

    Jobs in Novi Sad | Job Opportunities in Novi Sad

    Novi Sad is the capital city of north Serbian province of Vojvodina and an administrative centre of South Backa District. Novi Sad is situated in the southern region of Pannonian Plain on the Danube River. It is the second largest city of Serbia after Belgrade containing an estimated population of 989,157 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2009. Hilly areas of the city are used for recreation & fun time as government has invested huge annual budget for the reformation and development of new forest resorts fully equipped with the latest facilities including camping, scuba diving, forestry and skating. Novi Sad was established in 1693 after the heavy influx of Serb merchants trading fish, minerals and cocoa. Novi Sad’s countryside is separated in two folds; one is located in the Backa and other is in Syrmia region.

    Jobs in Nis

    Jobs in Nis | Job Opportunities in Nis

    Nis is a main city in southern Serbia and considered as the third biggest town in the country after Belgrade and Novi Sad. There are 260,000 inhabitants in Nis as per national census conducted during 2008 with a total land area of 598 square kilometers together with the urban & rural areas. It is an administrative hub of the Nisava District. History of Nis shows that it is an oldest city on the earth linked with Balkans, Stone & Iron Age in 278 BC. Romans were observed as main ruler on the entire country of Serbia in 75 BC and constructed many new swamplands and commercial setups with the collaboration of Greek & Chinese investors. Presently Nis is considered as a main educational city of Serbia having thousands of foreigner students in its universities.

    Jobs in Pristina

    Jobs in Pristina | Job Opportunities in Pristina

    Pristina is a Serbian city and capital of Kosovo region. Several districts and homonymous municipality are mainly administered by Pristina. An estimated population of Pristina is 600,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2008. The city contains majority of Albanian inhabitants whereas there are other few communities comprising upon Serbs, Bosniaks, Roma and Alpine. It is the directorate of educational and cultural association of Kosovo districts. The city is considered as the biggest town of educational institutes offering several academic programs with affordable fee structure. University of Pristina is very popular for the studies of information technology and engineering of numerous technologies. Second World War in Serbia also destroyed the major portion of Pristina but now the situation is quite changed than before.

    Jobs in Belgrade

    Jobs in Belgrade | Job Opportunities in Belgrade

    Belgrade is the capital and biggest city of Serbia lying beside the Sava and Danube rivers near Balkans. National census conducted during 2009 declares that there are 1.7 million inhabitants in the town engaged with different business and trades. Belgrade is also considered as the fourth major city of Southeastern Europe after Istanbul, Athens and Bucharest. In Serbian language, Belgrade is translated as White city. During Roman Empire in the Belgrade town, city was named with Singidun. Later on Belgrade was awarded with city rights by the Romans Empire. It is such a place that has multiple governors and rulers during ancient times causing almost 115 wars and razed to the earth for 44 times. In 1520 Belgrade was conquered by the Ottomans who laid a foundation of democratic culture in the town with several new trade policies and exchange channels for the smooth functioning of the government.