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  • Jobs in Mersin

    Jobs in Mersin | Job Opportunities in Mersin

    Mersin is a large city, a busy seaport on the Mediterranean shores of southern Turkey and the capital of Mersin Province. It is an important area of Adana-Mersin Metropolitan and situated on the western region of Cukurova. Cukurova is a main economical & cultural region in the entire Mersin. It is a myth in area that the city of Mersin is derived from the myrtle, a seed that grows abundantly in the region. Mersin has a widespread wealthy culture due to the stability of national economy and possession of Turkey’s largest seaport. This city was established in 09th century BC and has merged all the traditions and style of that age. With the passage of time Mersin remained under governance of many cultures and civilizations comprising upon Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Greek, Macedonians of Alexander the Great, Seleucids and Lagids.

    Jobs in Sanliurfa

    Jobs in Sanliurfa | Job Opportunities in Sanliurfa

    Sanliurfa is a city of Turkey with a total population of 482,323 inhabitants as per national census conducted in year 2009. It is the capital of Sanliurfa Province located on a plain valley under the blue skies and just 70km away from Euphrates River. The climate of Sanliurfa city is very hot & dry during summers and very pleasant in winters with cool breeze blowing in evening. It is recorded that Sanliurfa was developed into a town in 4th century BC. According to Turkish Muslim beliefs Urfa is an ancient biblical city beside Harran whereas several other statements proclaim that city of Urfa is in Iraq instead of Turkey. Urfa is also very famous due to the birthplace of Job. According to the Muslim traditions, Nimrod and Abraham came face to face in this area but God changed the fire into water and the burning coals into fish.

    Jobs in Malatya

    Jobs in Malatya | Job Opportunities in Malatya

    Malatya is a city of Turkey having old traditional roots with the Byzantine culture. The city was established during 12th century. The seaport of Malatya covers 785,000 square meters and huge area segregated where almost 6,000 ships can stay at a time. Mersin Free Zone was established in 1986 as the first free zone in Turkey with numerous warehouses, shops, assembly-dis-assembly, maintenance, engineering workshops, banking, insurance, packing-repacking, labeling and exhibition facilities adjacent to Malatya seaport. This port is used on industrial bases for the huge trade of oil carriage and variety of domestic products shipped for export in the major markets of Middle East, North Africa, East, West Europe, Russian Federation and Central Asia. An estimated trade volume touched the figure of USD 518 billion in year 2002.

    Jobs in Kayseri

    Jobs in Kayseri | Job Opportunities in Kayseri

    Kayseri is a main industrialized city in Central Anatolia of Turkey declared as the seat of Kayseri Province. The city recognized as Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and is composed of five districts named Kocasinan, Melikgazi, Hacilar, Incesu and Talas. With these five districts, Kayseri carries a major portion of Turkey’s population in its area ranging from 700,000~ 750,000 inhabitants. There are some hill stations in the city that provide beautiful scenery and Mount Erciyes is ranked high in this counting. The city of Kayseri is a mixture of wealth, modernity and provincial economic stability in the first ranking among Turkey’s cities that are called Anatolian Tigers. Apart from economic growth, the city is also rich in its culture and historical monuments. The city of Kayseri is a main city of trade carried out by the china silk route and earning huge foreign reserves.

    Jobs in Diyarbakir

    Jobs in Diyarbakir | Job Opportunities in Diyarbakir

    Diyarbakir is the largest city in southeastern Turkey located on the shores of the River Tigris administrated by Diyarbakir Province. By population it is considered as the second biggest town of the Turkey having more than 690,000 inhabitants after Gaziantep. Diyarbakir is well known for its culture of folklore and watermelons. During the period of 66 AD, Diyarbakir was called Amida, ruled by the Roman Empire and during 189 BC to 384 AD ruled by a kingdom Corduene. By the 19th century, Armenian inhabitants were referring to the city as Dikranagerd and left an impact on its culture carrying customs & traditions of ancient times. Diyarbakir has encouraged many small scaled industry engaged in making handicrafts and jewelry. Folk dancing with the hollow drums and zurna pipe is commonly performed on weddings and in family gatherings.

    Jobs in Eskisehir

    Jobs in Eskisehir | Job Opportunities in Eskisehir

    Eskisehir is a city in northwestern Turkey and the capital of the Eskisehir Province. According to the census of 2009, the population of the city is 631,905 inhabitants. The city of Eskisehir is located on the banks of the Porsuk River. Eskisehir city is 792 meters high above the sea level. Eskisehir means “The Old City” in Turkey. It was established in about 1000 BC. Archeological Museum of the city restores many Phrygian artifacts. Another museum of meerschaum stone is noticeable in producing high quality meerschaum pipes. Ancient geographers declare the city as most beautiful land area in Anatolia. Like other cities in Anatolia, Christianity is the major official religion of the Roman Empire. Eskisehir is one of foremost industrial cities. The city mainly depends on flour-milling and brickyards. Expansions were made in 1894 with the installation of Berlin-Baghdad Railway carriage.

    Jobs in Konya

    Jobs in Konya | Job Opportunities in Konya

    Konya is a city of Turkey located in the Central Anatolia Region. It is the capital city of Konya Province with an estimated population of 1,003,373 in 2009. Konya has very extreme climate and observed hot & dry during summers with an average temperature of 30-40°C. There are numerous elementary and secondary institutes leading to gradate modules. Selcuk University was established in 1975 in Turkey carrying 76080 registered students in 2008-09 academic sessions. Culturally western life style is dominant in the entire turkey and Konya is on top in following latest trends. Youngsters love to remain in pubs and casinos during their free time. There is main influence of industrial development in Konya and government has provided rebates on trade that contributes in add up of GDP.

    Jobs in Gaziantep

    Jobs in Gaziantep | Job Opportunities in Gaziantep

    Gaziantep is the oldest inhabited city of Turkey having two main districts under its administration named Sahinbey and Sehitkamil. As per census conducted during 2007, it is declared that there are 1,252,329 inhabitants in the city occupying total land area of 7,642 km². Gaziantep is the 6th biggest city in Turkey and main region of Southeastern Anatolia. The catastrophe of Doliche is situated in Gaziantep, just a few kilometers in the northern area of the city center. These old structures are reformed in a natural forest well equipped with the picnic and camping facilities. Gaziantep is considered to be the most developed province of the region and its historic involvement in agriculture has labeled this city as a rich producer of olive groves and vineyards. Gaziantep is very prominent in agricultural and industrial centers of Turkey.

    Jobs in Antalya

    Jobs in Antalya | Job Opportunities in Antalya

    Antalya is a thriving and rapidly developing city of modern Turkey, which is located on Mediterranean coast in the southwestern Turkey. It is also one of the ancient cities of the world, whose history dates back to 1300 BC. It has a population of over 1 million residents, and is experiencing an increasing trend of people immigrating to locate into this city from other places of the country. Weather of Antalya can be termed as Mediterranean weather, which is hot & dry in summer and Warm & Rainy in winters, but for much part of the year, its bright sunny. Antalya is one of the rare regions in the world which is open to tourism 12 months of the year.

    Jobs in Izmir

    Jobs in Izmir | Job Opportunities in Izmir

    Izmir is a city in western Turkey. It is the third largest city and second biggest port after Istanbul in Turkey. It is located along with the distant waters of the Gulf of Izmir beside Aegean Sea. The city of Izmir is consisted upon several districts and towns. It is the oldest city of Turkey which has more than 3,500 years old historic culture. Turkey’s workforce is consisted upon young professionals. As per national census conducted in 2009, there are more than 2,727,968 inhabitants in the city. Economic structure of the city is reasonably stable. Izmir has main focus on the development of small scaled industry. Main sectors of earning the foreign reserves in turkey are agricultural products, textile manufacturing and leather industry.